Friday, November 21, 2014


            Hero. What do you think of when you hear that word? Hero. Do you imagine the stereotypical, extraordinarily strong man in tights with a cape and a mask and underwear on the outside? What are some of the qualities that make someone a hero? What do heroes do? How does someone become a hero? Who can be a hero?
            During our evening worships in the month of October, we studied a bit about the influences that we have over other people. We all have an influence over people, not only in our words, but also in basically everything we do. In order to do more than just talk about that influence, we took the next step and did something more. On Sabbath, November 8, we invited all the churches in our district to join us for an afternoon of heroes. We shared some stories of how ordinary people did something above the call of duty and became heroes. We shared ideas of how they can become heroes. We shared with them the call from God for each of us to be a hero. The beauty of it all is that anyone can be a hero. It does not matter if you have a professional degree. It does not depend on your bank account. In fact, there are not really too many pre-requisites for becoming a hero. One of the fundamental characteristics of a hero is to be willing to serve in any circumstance that calls for help. Most people want to be a hero because of their action in an extremely dangerous situation where the whole world looked on. But more than that, we have heroes in this world today because there are people who want to give of themselves in times and places where nobody sees. They have no shame to lower themselves to the feet of another to meet the need. Did you know that Jesus is calling each one of us to be a hero? God wants a hero that can kiss owies and wipe little, runny noses. He wants a hero that can carry groceries for an older gentleman. He wants you!

            Have you ever considered Jesus to be your hero? Did it ever even cross your mind that what He did for you was heroic? As I study more and more the life of Jesus, I find out time and time again that He was more than just a man. He was a super hero. But more wonderful than that, He has inspired countless others to be heroes as well. He begs us to look around and see the needs of others. But don’t stop there. The heroism comes when you not only see the necessities of others, but you move into action immediately. The call from God today is clear:
                                           BE MOVED BE A HERO

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