Monday, September 22, 2014

Independence Day

Today marked the celebration of 33 years of independence for the country of Belize. So how did we, here at MOVE, enjoy the festivities?
            We started by getting up early so that no time was wasted for this holiday. By 5 a.m. we were on the road. We met up with the rest of the group down the road a ways. Sigourney made some classic Belizian food for breakfast: Journey (pronounced “Johnny”) Cakes and black beans made with coconut oil. When we finally arrived to the village, we were greeted by many of our Belizian friends. This marked the beginning of the celebration. Throughout the morning, there was laughter, happiness, juice, games, and of course Rice and Beans! That is very Belize. After leaving the village, we returned home to begin the beautifying of the country to show our support of the aesthetic aspect of the nation. Supper finished off the celebration with beans and tortillas.

            Want to know what really happened today? We went to church to pour the floor for the new Sabbath School rooms. There have been many in the church here in Belize and back in the United States who have worked hard and sacrificed in order to build these classrooms. The children’s department will soon be expanding from one old church building, a mango tree, and a thatch roof to a three-division classroom building! How exciting to see the difference and not have to worry about threatening rain. God has blessed this little project immensely.

            In thinking about today being a day of independence, I like to think more about the independence I have in this life. I am free to be a missionary. I am free to speak about Jesus to my local friends. I have the freedom to worship God on His true Sabbath Day.

            But there is something that I have not been liberated from: my own sinful desires. I take hope, though, because I know that although this will be a struggle for me, I know and have felt the power of God working in me to help me continue on this journey. This last week really slammed me, but every day I continued to pray for God’s strength to be like Him even when I was completely exhausted. There is not other power more invigorating than divine power.

            I would like to ask that you pray for this project, for the students, and for the staff members. God has given us many opportunities to exercise our religious freedom in this place, but Satan is always looking for a way to get in. Please pray that God can unite us and give us the needed strength to go from one day to another.


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