Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A New Home

     Would you believe it? I have really become a part of MOVE and moved to a different country. Can you guess where I live now? I’ll give you a few hints.

1)    They drive on the left side of the road.
2)    Most of them in this area speak Bengali.
3)    I am now 11.5 hrs ahead of Belize.
4)    I live a few countries west of my sister Rachel.
5)    I am at the same school that one of my fellow MOVE missionaries was at years ago.

Did you figure out where I am?

      I want to share with you the sure working of God in this whole change. There were five teachers this last fall in our second program at MOVE: Jeff, Keila, Phoebe, Tanzi, and myself. More like there is one trained teacher and the rest of us are learning to be teachers. Towards the end of the program, Fawna told me about the great need at this school where she had been a student missionary. She encouraged me to find out more from the mission project. I emailed and talked to various people but knew that it was going to be only God who could work it all out. I flew to Ohio on February 1. *God works in amazing ways because He sent another teacher to MOVE just days after I left. She, Yanet, is also going to be doing the finances and other office business.* I sent in my completed application on the 2nd and was expecting to hear back from the visa group about 2-3 weeks later. My visa was approved and ready to be sent back by the 6th, only 4 days later! There was a slight problem trying to get it returned, but my dad was able to figure out the dilemma. My visa arrived and I bought a ticket all within the next week or so. And now here I am, 25 days later, in my new home.
     This change was not easy, though. I still wonder what great plans God has in mind to get me to leave my family and MOVE to a new place. Is there something very important that I need to learn that I could not have learned in Belize? Do I have something standing between God and myself that I wouldn’t have seen at MOVE? Should I get a little taste of the bitter parting that Jesus felt as He went to a far away and foreign world in order to save sinners like myself? I still don’t have all those answers, but I trust God will reveal them in His perfect timing. 

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