Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Mission

            I recently arrived back home (Belize) from a month and a half in the USA. What relief I feel every time I come back from traveling and can sleep in my own bed; I think this is a common feeling among travelers. It really is a delight to be in a place with my other family. However, part of me sometimes wonders if I am making the right decision with my life. I know that not everyone agrees with the choice I have made to serve as a missionary, but I cannot help but continue doing this work. Every person is born into God’s kingdom as a missionary (that includes you and me). There is, however, different jobs that God calls us to do in His service. Some He calls to be doctors, others dentists, others teachers and administrators, and even some others to be mechanics. After saying that, I want to say that I am privileged to be none of the above. I can’t even really describe what I do in a single job description. Certain days, I have to be the nurse. Some days I end up being the mechanic (not much gets fixed those days). Other days I feel like a mom. I don’t think a single day goes by that I don’t do something for which I am under qualified. But that is the beauty of it all: God uses the under qualified to do His work just as much as the qualified. This may be a stumbling block for some who firmly believe in organized education, but I think that God’s training can be received in many other places. So, you may be asking, what is my real mission? Teach. He is asking me to teach people about His love for them. Whether I do that while putting a Band-Aid on a student’s arm, or buying 80 bags of cement, or cutting the grass, He is beckoning me to do it all in His love. Oddly enough, I am not the only one He has called to do this. Remember how everyone is born as a missionary into God’s kingdom, and He sends this message to all of His missionaries. So if you are studying medicine, working on a farm, taking care of others, or stocking the shelves at a grocery store, God is calling you to do it for love. I pray that whatever mission field you have been called to you can remember the purpose and mission. Do not be discouraged by the devil’s lies. God has called you to a special mission and He will not let you fall out of His loving arms.

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  1. Thank you, Katie, for that timely reminder of our purpose, our mission, here on earth. May the Lord continue to fill your heart to overflowing with the His love. Thank you for sharing that love so selflessly with all you come in contact with! :-)