Sunday, March 10, 2013


Little can make a person move as quickly as when adrenaline is pumping through their veins. God created a really good mechanism to get us to act when our brains turn off in moments of terror.

With a delicious supper in our bellies and a day of work behind us, six of us missionaries gathered around the cafeteria tables for a relaxing night of games under the propane light. We starting by playing some of those games that you played as kids where only 2 knew how the game worked and would play it over and over just to make all the other kids jealous because they could not figure out the trick. Next, we got cups for everyone so we could do the cup game that all the girls play at camp and make the whole cafeteria rumble in unison. I was trying to teach the guys in slow motion so we could all get the cups moving around the group. Just as they were finally getting the hang of the game, the light on the propane tank fell over. Luckily, Ray was close by and could set the lamp back upright and tighten the knob. We continued to practice our new skills, but not for more than a minute. Suddenly, flames started shooting out from the top of the propane tank towards the ceiling. We frantically scrambled away from the fire and got out of the cafeteria, unscathed. Moments later, Perry came running from his house after Keila’s screams for help. With a clearer mind than ours, Perry started clearing the tables around so he could bring the table with the propane tank outside. Soon after, he was able to put out the fire. We were able to save everything but a few electronic devices that were on the table. After the pumping adrenaline had calmed down, we all gathered around and say a prayer of thanksgiving for safety.

As I sit here with my stomach still in knots, I realize how true it is that life is a gift and can be taken from us at any moment. We do not know what plans God has for us, but we can rest assured that all are for our benefit. If you have been holding something back from God, STOP IT NOW! If this moment was your last moment, would you be satisfied with how it all ended? Did you tell your sister how much you loved her; your friend how much you really appreciated her random acts of kindness; your enemies you were sorry and wanted forgiveness; your God how merciful He is and that you want to dedicate every moment to Him? I challenge you to take a few moments to remind someone how much they are worth to you.

God’s love for me is unBelizable!


  1. Thankful that you are all okay! Praying that God continues to not only grant you another day of life, but that it will continue to feel precious to you! Hugs!

  2. Wow! Indeed, only now is promised to us. Thanks for the story and for the challenge : ]